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Savage: Trump Won’t Roll Over Like A Dog For Google, Unlike Obama Did

Savage: Trump Won’t Roll Over Like A Dog For Google, Unlike Obama Did

Savage: Trump Won’t Roll Over Like A Dog For Google, Unlike Obama Did Google pulled Obama’s strings Jerome Corsi | Infowars.com – April 18, 2017 Comments WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Under Obama, Google was untouchable,” Michael Savage told Infowars.com, answering the question whether he thought it was possible President Trump might appoint a head to the … Continue reading

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  • Lazy Town actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson's pancreatic cancer has reached Stage IV and has become terminal
  • Pennsylvania is about to make ‘stolen valor’ a crime for those who falsely pose as a service member for personal gain
  • Google begins removing private medical records from search results
  • With cameras banned, CNN sends sketch artist to White House briefing
  • White St. Louis police officer shoots off-duty black officer
  • Stop sending EMS to respond to overdose calls, councilman says
  • State Department's anti-Semitism office will soon be unstaffed
  • Police searches drop dramatically in states that legalized marijuana
  • Texas Mom Arrested on Suspicion of Killing Her Children After Allegedly Leaving Kids in Hot Car to Teach ‘Lesson’
  • Martin Shkreli fraud trial begins next week
  • Video Refutes ISIS Claim That U.S. Blew Up Mosque
  • Teens Handcuffed At National Mall For Selling Water
  • Dashcam Footage Shows Minnesota Cop's 'Brutal Attack' On Asian Driver
  • Kansas sex offender accused of strangling, raping 7-year-old girl
  • Gwyneth Paltrow called out by NASA for selling a ten pack of body-stickers for $60 that "re-balance energy."
  • California widens travel ban to include 4 more states
  • Jury Finds Former Vanderbilt Football Player Guilty of Rape
  • Google Will Stop Reading Your Emails for Gmail Ads
  • Crash that killed teenage siblings so horrific emergency responder went into cardiac arrest
  • Missing 14-year-old girl's body found in Texas landfill


  • PornHub, OK Cupid, Imgur, DuckDuckGo, Namecheap, Bittorrent, and a bunch of other big sites have joined the Internet-Wide Day of Action for Net Neutrality on July 12 (Amazon, Kickstarter, Etsy, Mozilla, and Reddit were already on board.)
  • Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread
  • Cops Sent Warrant To Facebook To Dig Up Dirt On Woman Whose Boyfriend They Had Just Killed: '.... Facebook refused to hand over the information on the grounds that the indefinite gag order was unconstitutional.'
  • Miami Man Fined $120 Million for Making 96 Million Robocalls in Three Months
  • Snapchat's new map feature raises fears of stalking and bullying
  • 32TB of Windows 10 internal builds, core source code leak online
  • Did Comcast Sabotage This Independent ISP That Spurned It
  • SpaceX successfully launches and lands a used rocket for the second time
  • The tragedy of FireWire: Collaborative tech torpedoed by corporations
  • Microsoft says "no known ransomware" runs on Windows 10 S — so we hacked it
  • Google on track for quantum computer breakthrough by end of 2017 - "The company is testing a 20-qubit processor – its most powerful quantum chip yet – and is on target to have a working 49-qubit chip by the end of this year."
  • Wall Street Is Starting To Get Very Nervous About Cable TV Cord Cutting: '...analyst warned that the cable industry's approach to cord cutting (raising rates and offering horrible customer service while hoping it all works out) simply isn't going to cut it given the competitive threats to come'
  • World's biggest coal company closes 37 mines as solar power's influence grows - Plummeting price of renewable energy puts pressure on fossil fuel firms
  • Net neutrality day of action update: Twitter, Soundcloud, and Medium, have joined. Reddit, This could be as big as SOPA.
  • Russia Threatens to Ban Encrypted Messaging App Telegram
  • Comcast accused of cutting competitor’s wires to put it out of business: Comcast "systematically destroyed" an ISP with 229 customers, lawsuit claims.
  • Big Cable broke its cable box promise and you're paying for it
  • Under pressure, Western tech firms bow to Russian demands to share cyber secrets
  • Researchers at the College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a novel design approach for exoskeletons and prosthetic limbs that incorporates direct feedback from the human body... and significantly improves energy economy during walking.
  • Under pressure, Western tech firms bow to Russian demands to share cyber secrets


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